It's National Picnic Day! Pack your basket and grab a blanket to enjoy a nice meal outside with family and friends for a picnic day.



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Picnic Games and Activities the Entire Family Will Love

Here are some fun, family-friendly picnic games to get everyone off their phones and into the spirit of summer:


1. Go on a Let’s Roam scavenger hunt.

On your next picnic, download the Let’s Roam app and see who can find all the items on your scavenger hunt list first. You’ll explore nearby parks, trails, and other outdoor areas while spending time with your family.


2. Gather up some outdoor instruments.

Bring some drums or harmonicas to create a jam session outdoors!


3. Get soaked with a water balloon toss.

A water balloon toss is perfect for getting everyone in on the action and a great way to cool down on a hot day. Set up teams and see who can last the longest without breaking their balloon.


4. Try your hand at frisbee golf.

Frisbee golf is a fun game full of creativity and skill. See who can get closest to the target or set up different “holes” around your picnic spot to make it more challenging.


5. Play the classic Swedish game Kubb.

Kubb is a popular Swedish game similar to horseshoes and bocce ball. You'll need some wood pieces and a baton (or a wood stick), and you’re ready to compete!


6. See who comes out on top with speedy sack races.

Compete in a classic sack race with your family and friends! You’ll need some large sacks for everyone’s feet, and then you’re ready. Snap some pics of the family “running” and see who can cross the finish line first!


7. Split into teams to Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag is a classic game for any picnic. First, divide into two teams and set boundaries for each side. When the game begins, try not to get tagged by the other team when you’re on their side.


8. Keep the balloons from popping.

This is a fun game for young children and adults alike. Gather everyone in a circle and hand out ten balloons to each person. Then, have everyone blow up their balloons and pass them around the circle until one person pops them. Whoever pops the balloon has to do five jumping jacks!


9. See how low you can go with a round of Limbo.

Limbo is a fun game that everyone can play. You only need some music and two people to hold the limbo stick. See how low each person can go without falling over. The person who goes lowest wins!


10. See which team is the strongest with Tug of War.

Break into teams and see which one is the strongest. All you need is a rope, and you’re ready to go. Make sure everyone is far enough away from the rope that no one gets hurt, and have fun going head-to-head in a friendly competition.


11. Crown the cornhole champ. 

Pick up a cornhole set or make your own with two targets and some beanbags. Players take turns trying to land their beanbag on the target for points. The person with the most points at the end wins!


12. Play Heads Up.

Bring your phones to the picnic and have everyone download the Heads Up! app for hilarious guessing games. Then, all you'll need is a phone and an active internet connection, and you’re ready to go!


13. Go on a nature walk.

Take a break from the picnic games and explore your surroundings. See who can find the most interesting plants and animals as you wander through nature together as a family.


14. Keep the pieces from falling in Giant Jenga.

Giant Jenga requires a bit more skill than the classic game. Build up your tower and see how long it can stay standing as the pieces are removed one by one from the tower. The last person to remove a piece without making the tower fall wins.


15. Do an old-fashioned egg race.

Grab some hard-boiled eggs and have everyone line up at the starting line. On the count of three, each person must race to the finish line without dropping or breaking their egg. The first one across declares victory as theirs!


16. Jump hopscotch.

Use chalk to draw your hopscotch course, and grab some stones for markers. Then, take turns hopping on one foot from stone to stone without stepping on a line to win.


17. Have an outdoor art session.

Gather some paper, markers, and other art supplies for an outdoor art session. Have everyone create their unique masterpiece and showcase them at the end of the picnic.


18. Try balloon pop!

Grab some balloons and fill them with small prizes or treats. Blow up your balloons and have everyone take their turn popping them until all the prizes are gone. Whoever pops the most balloons is the winner!


19. Play three-legged racing.

Tie two people together with a bandana for a hilarious game of three-legged racing. The team that makes it to the finish line first without tripping wins the race!



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